Friday, September 11, 2015

New Music: StaticFriction "The Redistribution Of Pain"

StaticFriction prod. Dj Static

The Preserved Tablet (The 6th Letter 2.0)


Yeah ....u-huh uh It's My Time ...My Time To Shine,
Static.....yeah ....Friction......check the Definition,


I'm just the best to ever come around here,
This year it's a different tone,
A different zone I'm on,
The Throne was neva gone from NY.....C(see),
What you niggas should be .....that's so real,
I wouldn't have shoes to fill;
3 stripes(Adidas) gave me my life,
Ya'll tried to steal my soul,
Throw your ass in a hole, no chance of parole,
Fuck bars sicker than SARS you can't breathe,
Son flows tighter then hoes weaves wit no cheese($$),
I Be what your not .....(Real),
Flow If you got skill....(Skill),
Shit on your record deal , 360 I build,
On the souls of those lost to the game,
Whether Rap,Behind Bars Or Cocaine,
My Reign that of a King, Strike quick Lightning,
"If I Ever Lose My Faith" like Sting,
Rip your heart outta your chest, Compress your bones,
Cause your death wit one ring of my phone, No service I roam(ROME),
Keep you hands off them kids , The Black Pope Lives,(Farrakhan)
In the Vatican mafia running Manhattan,
From St. Peter's Church, The Beast wears long skirts,
That Cardinal Official A Jesuit General(Pope Francis),
I'm gonna miss ya when I'm dead & gone,
While I'm here I'm killing FEAR,
Droppin' Bombs , "The Wrath Of Khan" right out the Atmosphere,
This the last gear time I shift to overdrive,
And Still We Will Survive,

Be The Product of 88' & 94' son I'm the Future,
Runnin' this game like Iverson I'm a Shooter,
A Prodigy Dun Queens made me Run buy sneakers,
So now I Roc my own Adidas,

I'm The Soul Of Slaves Stolen, The Civil rights of those choking,
On water hose pressure so potent,
Broken ribs ,Kids toting signs,
Ideas So Hard To Fine (Freedom,Justice & Equality),
We Ain't Free But Obama Is Key,
For Generation X ask Y(Why) Don't we destroy hate,
Patriot Act has jail looking like home plate,
We ain't safe in our own homes, computers or cellphones,
Pat us down for rocks(Crack), So I throw stones,
At their definition of Ground Zero (9/11) we find,
No Corporation paper chasing will ever resign,(Enron)
Their Power Is $Money$ , We Spend It To Their Benefit,
The Capital " F" TWN to "F' wit............... SHIT I Told Ya'll
The Capital " F" The Wrong Nigga To Fuck With!!!!

There comes a time when silence is betrayal x2 (Dr. MLK Jr)

Is Betrayal........(echo)

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