Friday, September 11, 2015

Here’s What Happened When Cynthia McKinney Tried to Use WikiLeaks Information in Her Dissertation

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Photo: YouTube

So, former U.S. Representative and current Green Party politician Cynthia McKinney recently accomplished the impressive feat of earning her Antioch University. So far, so good.
As she was writing about leadership in her dissertation, and more specifically about the late Venezuelan leader Hugo Chávez, she drew on a number of sources for information, including some of the documents disseminated by WikiLeaks.
Turns out that that approach didn’t sit well with Antioch’s powers that be. McKinney took to YouTube to describe her ensuing adventures in academia:

WikiLeaks tweeted a link Wednesday to McKinney’s video clip, perhaps taking her ordeal as a kind of backhanded compliment about the challenging work the clandestine organization has done.
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