Monday, May 2, 2011

The Caveman from The Geico Commercial (aka) Osama Killed???

It is a very sad day in America Indeed & personally very painful to look @ People Celebrating in Ignorance a so-called Mission Accomplished Speech by Obama!!! (sorta like watchin' BET Rap Videos....very painful to watch) It would be easier for me to believe if they claimed that Osama Bin Laden was in fact Jesus. On this basis I would Atleast feel better about arguing the point, becuz you would actually have a leg to stand upon....but I would quickly sweep that leg like "Johnny" in the Original Karate Kid. If America wasn't so caught up in Reality T.V. shows like "The Apprentice" & actually understood the laws of Nature, then they would know it is IMPOSSIBLE TO KILL A MAN (LAST WEEK)....that has been dead for years!!!! The Beautiful Fmr. Prime Minister Of Pakistan Benazir Bhutto paid with her life a week after this Interview was broadcasted live during her campaign run in 2007 for exposing the Death of OSAMA BIN LADEN . As easily as it flowed out of her mouth like it was common knowledge .....they wanted to make sure no one could ever pull this tape & ask her anymore Questions on the Topic!!!! The killing of this so-called boogeyman only opens up the door for them to create a new one & THIS NEW BOOGEYMAN THEY HAVE BEEN PLANNING FOR YOU SINCE 1917. THE FACT that you swallowed this Shit that they have shoveled on your plate YOU HAVE ZERO CHANCE IN HELL FROM EVER BEING A FREE INDEPENDENT THINKER....& YOU WILL Follow the rest of the sheep To the slaughterhouse the Jews Who thought they were about to take a shower before dinner & turn the corner only to see the Gas Chamber!!!!(SMMFH)