Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Why a teenager received 40 years for a fight that started on Instagram


Myzelle Chantel Armstrong, 19, never thought that a spat on Instagram would lead to her being sentenced to 40 years. According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution,Armstrong and a few of her friends developed a social media rivalry with a group of women in February 2014.
After weeks of a dispute, the women decided to meet and fight at an apartment complex in Smyrna, Georgia. Armstrong and her crew were armed with baseball bats, cooking pots, and hot oil.
When their rivals arrived, Armstrong held the women’s car door open, while her co-defendant, Zawadi Clark, threw hot oil on them. One of the women had to be treated for second-degree burns and another victim had to undergo skin grafting.
Instead of going to college or trade school, Armstrong will be in prison.
Armstrong cried before Judge Robert D. Leonard sentenced her to four years in prison and 36 years of probation. She will be nearly 60 before she serves all of her time.

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