Sunday, January 11, 2015

The Crucifixion Of Bill Cosby


Just to clarify the real issue with the Crucifixion of Bill Cosby. Mark Cuban said it best after The Donald Sterling's incident " We are going down a slippery slope". The issue is not now nor has it ever been if he is guilty or innocent as far as I'm concerned that is irrelevant to the real underlying issue. (Of course if he's guilty he deserves the full weight of the law) Having said far as the real issue there's no difference btw this case Mike Brown or Eric Garner. When in the United states of America you have the right to face your accusers in the court of Law "Under Oath & Penalty of Perjury" that all statements made have to be the whole truth so Justice can be determined.
When you remove that criterion from the equation then Darren Wilson can be paid 250k for an interview and go on national tv with zero fear of repercussion and paint a Rembrandt of His Story which makes Mike Brown look like Lou Farigno From the Hulk Bezerker that need to be stopped for the sake of all life on Earth to continue. So it is with Bill Cosby All of the females could be telling 10,000 % the truth and he could have done every word down to dotting all the "i's" and crossing all the "t's" .......what is the repercussions of any of the females who may stretch the truth or who have just come out for their 15mins of light in the Sun???? A man or women should be free from slander,character assassination,lies, etc..... What kind of man would have an arguement in the court of public opinion with a potential rape victims......"an idiot". Last point Jesus was put on trial and never spoke a word.....because the trial wasn't his.....the trial was for all those who claimed they believed, and said they stood with the man......Lazurus an man raised from the dead never showed up, the blind man who could now see "absent" ....the deaf dumb crippled & wicked disciples all were nowhere to be false witnesses arose an innocent man was put to death. Ask how many of the 26 accusers will be willing to make a statement on the record ,who,what when ,where , a closed preceding but be bound to those words under Oath???? I'll wait........Friction

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