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EUTAWILLE — A now-former Police Chief has claimed that the reason he shot an unarmed man to death was that he “feared for his life.”
Officer Richard Combs, after shooting the man, stated that “I was scared to death. I was afraid for life.”
The incident began when Officer Combs issued a ticket to a woman because a taillight on her car was “broken.”
In other words, Officer Combs was generating revenue for the State and extorting money from a woman even though she harmed nobody and there were no victims involved.
Bernard Bailey, a 55-yr-old black man, was the woman’s father. The woman called her father to the scene to help her.
Bailey arrived to ensure his daughter’s safety and fair treatment, and that’s when he and Officer Combs got into an argument.
Bailey eventually left with his daughter and the ticket, but Officer Combs took things a step further and issued a warrant for Bailey’s arrest for “obstruction.”
Still believing that the officer had no justification for issuing the ticket, Bailey went to the Town Hall to contest it approximately three days later.
Upon his arrival, however, Officer Combs said he was under arrest.


It sounds like this is an Officer who was using his government-privilege to harass the man at this point.

Bailey decided to leave rather than be arrested over nothing, but Officer Combs followed him and still attempted to place him under arrest.
Bailey made it back to his vehicle and started the engine. That’s when Officer Combs went so far as to reach his arm inside the vehicle and try to shut off the engine by force.
Officer Combs claims that in doing so, his arm became lodged in Bailey’s steering wheel.
It was at that point that Officer Combs used his other hand to aim his gun at Bailey, who was completely unarmed and just trying to avoid harassment, and fired three shots, killing him.
Officer Combs repeated the  ”feared for my life” slogan, because he was afraid of the possibility that Bailey might drive away while his arm was trapped in the vehicle.
But prosecutors say they have found contradictions in Officer Combs’s story and they say that Officer Combs was arresting Bailey over a “trumped up warrant.”

If convicted of murder, Officer Combs could get prison time, but there is no doubt that he’ll get away with this.
What we have here is an individual who initiated violence or the threat thereof on innocent people from beginning to end. He first interfered with the free travel of a peaceful woman and attempted to extort money from her even though she harmed nobody.
The individual then attempted to kidnap the woman’s father and lock him in a cage for objecting to the initial extortion.
Finally the individual pulled out his gun, aimed it at the father, and shot the father to death for trying to avoid being locked in a cage.
This harassment, violence, and murder is plain as day, but it will be called “lawful” because the individual wears a special costume and calls himself “government.”
What would happen to you if you went out with a loaded gun and demanded money from a woman whose car wasn’t working What would happen to you if tried to kidnap the woman’s father when he objected to your armed extortion? What would happen to you if you then used your gun to shoot the father to death as he tried to avoid the kidnapping?
Nothing would happen to you, as long as you wear the right costume.
Watch the video below to see the prosecutors pointing out inconsistencies in Officers Combs’s “feared for my life” story.

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