Tuesday, June 25, 2013

One Played A Racists & One Is A Racist!!!

Clarence Thomas Is the Absolute Worst. Here's Why.

Just hours ago, the United States Supreme Court handed down a decision in the case of Shelby County v. Holder that gutted a signature achievement of the Civil Rights Movement, the Voting Rights Act of 1965, placing millions of people of color, women and young people at the mercy of a dysfunctional Congress.

While I was hoping that the Supreme Court would do the right thing, after hearing the arguments, it's hard to be shocked at today's result. Justice Scalia even described the reauthorization of the Voting Rights Act as “the perpetuation of a racial entitlement.” Since it was uttered from Scalia’s lips, that phrase — “racial entitlement” — has lingered in my mind for months now.

For Black people, voting has never been an entitlement, it is a freedom that has been earned through extraordinary sacrifice. But because the freedom to vote is not explicitly guaranteed in the Constitution, conservative state legislators have been attacking that very freedom in states across the country.

That's why we need a constitutional amendment that guarantees the freedom to vote for everyone, wherever they live. Will you join us on our new website?

Without an amendment guaranteeing the freedom to vote, each state sets its own electoral rules, leading to confusing and sometimes contradictory policies with regard to polling hours, registration requirements, voting equipment, ex-felon rights and even ballot design. The result is an electoral system divided — separate and unequal.

For decades the Voting Rights Act has protected voters in pockets of the country with a history of racially discriminatory voting practices blocking more than 1,500 voting laws aimed at making it harder for us to vote. Just this past election, it allowed the Justice Department to block attempts by politicians in Texas, South Carolina and Florida to manipulate the voter rolls. Now that the Court has overturned Section 4 of the Voting Rights Act, previously protected states such as these are now in limbo.

Will you go to freetovote.org now and join me in the fight for a constitutional amendment for the freedom to vote? Voters need protection regardless of where they live.

Current right-wing efforts to make it harder for people to vote are not bound by geography or a history of racial discrimination — they are widespread, targeted and coordinated. And when you really begin to dig into the types of right-wing voter suppression bills that are spreading across the country — discriminatory Voter ID laws, proof of citizenship requirements, laws that prevent groups like the League of Women Voters and Rock the Vote from organizing registration drives, attempts to purge people with ethnic names from the rolls, and limits to weekend voting hours in urban communities  — it is clear that far-right politicians are trying to keep the rising American majority of young people, women and people of color away from the polls. 

Shifting attitudes and demographics demand a new approach to protecting the freedom to vote. We have to stop playing defense and work to enact bold change to expand the freedom to vote.

Please visit freetovote.org now and join me in ensuring all Americans have the freedom to vote.

The Voting Rights Act was the result of decades of hard work, advocacy, protests and marches, and courage before fire hoses and police dogs. It was one of the crowning achievements of a generation.

The road to a constitutional amendment for the freedom to vote is similarly long and paved with obstacles. This is no ordinary campaign, but one that will require years of hard work to win.

Let's keep rising together and ensure every American has the freedom to vote.

Thanks and Peace,






Rashad Robinson

Executive Director, ColorOfChange.org 

P.S. Everyone deserves the freedom to vote. Join the movement at freetovote.org.
. No one is safe when Thomas emerges to wreak his terror upon us all. Congratulations, Justice Thomas. You are the absolute worst.
Here now, a non-exhaustive list of the awfulness Justice Thomas hath wrought.

1. He is a racist, somehow
Imagine the mental gymnastics required to be a racist black person! And yet Justice Thomas has achieved this feat with impressive aplomb. Thomas goes out of his way to make life more difficult for black people. Hey, are you a black guy who was convicted and put on death row because the prosecutor purposefully hid exonerating evidence from your lawyer? Go fuck yourself, says Thomas. Are you a racial minority who wants to attend college? Eat this shit, courtesy of Clarence Thomas. Yesterday, Thomas went out of his way to point out that he would strike down affirmative action if given the chance even though no one asked him to rule on that issue. He just wanted to make sure you knew he fucking hates minorities!
Today, though. Today was the white hood on the top of Thomas’s racism cake. In one of its worst opinions of all time, the Supreme Court ruled that Section 4 of the Voting Rights Act is unconstitutional. That section prevented jurisdictions with a history of suppressing the minority vote from changing their voting procedures without approval from the Department of Justice. This procedure has been so effective in improving voter turnout and ending discrimination that the Court decided we don’t need it anymore. Not only did Justice Thomas agree with this, he wrote a separate concurrence just to point out that he’d strike down the other sections of the Act that protect minority voters! WHAT? BECAUSE FUCK BLACK PEOPLE TRYING TO VOTE IN ALABAMA, AM I RIGHT?
2. His wife sucks
One time, Ginny Thomas called Anita Hill and told her she was ready to receive Hill’s apology. This is because Ginny Thomas sucks.
3. He’s Scalia’s “black friend”
One of the worst things about Justice Thomas is, because of his visibility as a Supreme Court Justice, his vile worldview is given undue credence by conservatives. “How can this be racist?” they ask innocently. “My black friend thinks it’s OK!” Justice Scalia has essentially admitted as much, saying that he has followed Thomas’s lead on certain issues—that it was Thomas that led Scalia down a more conservative path, not the other way around.
Nowhere is this “tokenization” of Thomas more evident than the circumstances under which he became a Supreme Court Justice in the first place. Thomas replaced Thurgood Marshall—the first black member of the Court, crusader for civil rights, and former chief counsel of the NAACP. When Justice Marshall retired in 1991, President George Bush, the first of his name,replaced him with Clarence fucking Thomas. Like, oh, Clarence Thomas is black. Good enough. Basically the same as Thurgood Marshall, right? Yeah, sounds good.
4. Did I already mention that he’s a racist dickpile?
In addition to comparing affirmative action policies to slavery, Justice Thomas has also voted against policies that would improve racial integration in schools. Yeah, integration is for nerds. Who needs it? Oh, what’s that? Re-segregation has been accelerating at a break-neck pace as a direct result of Supreme Court decisions that found integration initiatives unconstitutional? And the achievement gap between white students and nonwhite students has widened? Eh, whatever.
5. He hates the ladies. Duh. Of Course.
Okay, all of the conservative justices are horrendous when it comes to the ladies and issues that matter to the ladies, but how many of them (“ALLEGEDLY”) put a pube on their female co-worker’s Diet Coke can? Only Thomas, baby. Only Thomas.
Oh, and by the way. Yesterday, the Court made it nearly impossible for employees who have been sexually harassed to file lawsuits against their creepy supervisors. Hmm! Interesting how Pube Can Thomas got on board with that decision. Sorry, gals. No one wants to hear from you at their Supreme Court confirmation hearing.
Clarence Thomas, you win the Absolute Worst SCOTUS Justice sweepstakes! Congratulations! I hope RBG breaks your gavel, you fucker.

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