Saturday, October 14, 2017

#FrictionFocus #Freestyle " Trumps #Cult45 "

The #Cult45 lives and strives based off ignorance, 

This is his constituents making a stand,
The burden bearers of a stolen land taking a knee,
Hung from a tree is the position that they wishing to see,
I'm Makaveli on his 7th spin around the sun, Cuban lit.... Face bright orange let his spray tan run, 
A Hole in one on a golf course different than a sniper shot,
Garfield, McKinley, Lincoln that JFK Plot,
Making moves,show~n~prove they plan on Instagram, 
The rise of the alt-right white call it their last stand,
The Confederates etiquette' s sneaky, White sheets are now Polo' s, Slacks, and Tiki's,
I mean you niggas don't believe me???, Then Flint Waters from Fiji, 
They Lie on TV label it #FakeNews
It's only meant to confuse promote hate for views, 
So what y'all tryna do cuz conspiracy chicken is winning,
It's evident The President is molesting women,
I spit sick as a Hennessy Venom, 
And yesterday I found a bucket list for John Lennon ( Imagine That) Pow!!!

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