Wednesday, May 31, 2017

On Friday May 26, 2017 fifteen-year-old Darrius Smith was executed by an off duty law enforcement officer.

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He was shot twice in the legs before being shot three more times in the chest at close range. Multiple witnesses say his assailant dropped him with the shots to the legs and then stood over him and emptied three rounds into his chest. Two of his friends attempted to get out of harms way by running in different directions. The shooter took aim at them as well. He caught one with a shot to the buttocks and another shot to the hand. As the man approached, the child plead for his life. He begged the shooter not to shoot him any more. Instead the unidentified shooter pursued his friends, shooting multiple rounds at the boys as they ran for their lives.
The two teenagers that survived the shooters array of bullets will be facing criminal charges for the murder of their friend. The man who killed one teen, wounded another and put a third in eminent fear for his life, faces no criminal liability whatsoever. This is the state of America concerning black lives and law enforcement.
These three boys, two fifteen-year-olds and a fourteen year old, were headed to a nearby Friday market event; a common Friday night hang out for local teens. They were traveling by rail and got off at the appropriate stop. Their assailant got off at this stop as well. Its unclear how the four became involved in a dispute. The shooter claims the boys attacked him yielding a toy gun and demanding money. Its not uncommon for law enforcement to cry self-defense in order to justify an indefensible shooting. This tactic becomes even more convenient given our society’s rush to criminalize people of color. So these three boys, with no criminal records, suddenly decide to become armed robbers, in broad day light, at a popular Friday night rail stop and chose as their victim a man apparently carrying nothing at all of value. This is the only version of events being promoted in the media. The limited information the families have been able to receive from the two surviving boys (both in custody) assert that there was no robbery attempt. It seems clear there was some sort of dispute and that this dispute was ended when this law enforcement officer began shooting indiscriminately at defenseless children. The majority of the evidence available indicates that the officer shot a child to death in cold blood and attempted to kill the others as well. The boys and other independent witnesses confirm the apparent criminal intent of the custom agent. He sits at home, a free man. A fourteen year old child is being held in police custody at a local hospital. A fifteen-year-old is incarcerated in a juvenile facility. Darrius Smith’s body is still the custody of the medical examiner. He’ll never go home again.
All this is happening in California.. an off duty police officer claims that 3 teens in broad daylight with scores of people around tried to rob him with a fake gun.. The officer shot one in the leg and then stood over him and shot him till he was dead.. The kid was unarmed.. His friends were charged with murder.. yes the murder this off duty cop committed..

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