Monday, January 9, 2017

Girls High School Basketball Team Discovers Black Dummy Hanging In Dressing Room

So this is what our girls basketball team from plainfield high school had to see in the classroom where they was getting changed for the game. This was deliberately done and an act of racism at Arthur L Johnson in CLark NJ share and get this out. And FYI our coach said there was other dolls/muppets in the room but this particular one had a string around the neck with a basketball on top so I wouldn't call this an indirect message this is a clear message of hate and racism!!!!

ANew Jersey girls high school basketball team found a black dummy hanging from its neck by a string in their changing room on Saturday, reports.
The Plainfield High School team, which comes from a community that is 50 percent African-American, was visiting Arthur L. Johnson High School in Clark, New Jersey, a predominantly White community, the news outlet explained.
Plainfield’s head coach Keshon Bennett confirmed to that the dummy was in the changing room when his team arrived to playing the game, which they lost 64-20. After the match ended, they departed quickly.
On the other side, Johnson High School’s coach Joe Marino told the news outlet Saturday afternoon that he was unaware of the incident.
School officials, however, learned about what happened and launched a probe.
“The Clark Board Education and the Clark Community does not condone any demonstrations of intolerance,” said Edward Grande, superintendent of Clark Public Schools. He said the school board will take appropriate action following its investigation.
Johnson High School officials said they are also investigating the incident.

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