Monday, November 7, 2016

White Gay Men Adopt 2 Black Boys & A Black Girl & Many Are Not Happy With This!

Per Gays With Kids, Danny and Roger cut a distinct shape on Biscayne Boulevard in Miami. Co-owners and managers of Kore Boutique, they dress the part of a stylish, cutting-edge couple. But the fashion-forward sense does not stop there. Their three gorgeous kids walk the walk as well. This chic family documents their life and style on their very popular Instagram accounts. Together, Roger and Danny have close to 22,000 followers, and we can see why. Gays With Kids shares a little of this family’s story.
Danny and Roger have been together for nine years. Danny (photo above, right) was born and raised in Miami, and Roger (photo above, left) is an Iowa native. They met at a bar in Miami beach and were married on May 8, 2009 in Roger’s home state.
Although Roger was uncertain whether kids were in his future, Danny always wanted to be a dad. It was Danny’s strong desire to be a father that made Roger realize his own paternal dreams. They adopted their first child, 6-year-old Sebastian, through a private agency and they’ve had him since birth. When they tried again with an agency, they experienced two failed attempts and ended up losing money.
As a result, they decided to try foster-to-adopt to expand their family. London, who is 2 years and 9 months, joined the family in June 2014; 2-year-old David became Danny and Roger’s third child in December 2014. Both London’s and David’s adoptions were finalized in 2015.
When asked about their journey to fatherhood, Roger explained, “We feel there are so many children without homes that they did not need to be our biological children. We wanted younger children but race was never chosen. Our first son we got at day one, our daughter at 14 months and our youngest son 20 days before his first birthday.”
As Roger can attest, the foster-to-adopt system isn’t always straightforward: “It’s not easy, I’m not going to lie. But the rewards are so great and beautiful. The foster-adoption system is flawed, but if you have time and patience there are so many kids that need to be loved and need good loving parents.”
The foster-to-adopt process took what felt like an eternity for the family. It also seemed to involve an entire village with two social workers and two guardians ad litem in multiple court dates. Although creating one’s family through foster-to-adopt may not be for everyone, Roger does point out some serious benefits: children in the system get Medicaid health care until they are 18, and they can attend a state university for four years free of charge. Roger advises, “The way we went about creating our family may not be for everyone. Choose your way, embrace it, love it, and most importantly, love your children.”
Roger and Danny, whom the kids both call Daddy, are teaching their children that despite everyone’s differences, people are all the same on the inside, and to remember to love as they are loved.

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