Saturday, February 6, 2016

Police Kill Unarmed Black Man in Texas; Say They Mistook Cellphone for Gun


A San Antonio police officer stated that he “feared for his life” when he shot and killed Antronie Scott in a parking lot

San Antonio, Texas, police say they vow to thoroughly investigate the shooting death of an unarmed black man who was shot and killed by cops, reports Reuters.
Police say that Antronie Scott, 36, was spotted on early Friday morning by undercover detectives and fatally shot as he exited a vehicle in an apartment complex on San Antonio’s North Side.
My San Antonio reports that Scott was wanted on two felony warrants for gun and drug possession. Detectives who had been tracking him said they radioed a uniformed officer to pull him over.
Police say that when 11-year-veteran John Lee approached his car, Scott got out and spun toward him.
Audio from the incident confirms that Lee shouted, “Show me your hands,” but discharged a shot seconds after the last word came out.
At a press conference held Friday, San Antonio police chief William McManus says the shooting happened “in the blink of an eye.” He adds: “Officer Lee stated that he feared for his life when he discharged a single round.” Lee told the top cop that he thought there was a gun in Scott’s hand, but that object turned out to be a cell phone. 
The fatal shot hit Scott in the upper torso. 

There was no video footage from the episode because the officer’s onboard camera had an obstructed view.
My San Antonio reports that the SAPD is expecting a shipment of body cameras this month, but they have not yet been distributed to the shooting officer’s precinct.

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