Tuesday, February 23, 2016

NYPD Tried To Poison Man Who Filmed Police Killing Eric Garner, Now They Have Arrested Him Again


Ramsey Orta’s video of the chokehold death of Eric Garner shocked the world and put the spotlight on the New York Police Department and the problem of police brutality and murder.
But ever since he went public with the video of NYPD officer Daniel Pantaleo choking Eric Garner to death, Orta claims he’s been harassed by police.
Since that July 2014 encounter on Staten Island, the police have been targeting Orta and trumping up charges to repeatedly arrest him.
Watch the video below on the NYPD targeting Ramsey…

Just Friday the NYPD did it again. This time they claimed he “assaulted his wife” – but his wife says this is an absolutely lie.
Orta, 24, was in an argument with wife, Jessica Orta, 32, she explains. But the rest of the police story is a lie.
Jessica Orta and supporters of Ramsey Orta released a video today asking the public to support Ramsey as the NYPD has “escalated” a situation between the couple into an arrest.
This bail fund is being organized by El Grito de Sunset Park.
Jessica explains that “Ramsey has been the target of police harassment and has been arrested repeatedly by the police since his video of an NYPD detective fatally choking Eric Garner in Staten Island went viral two summers ago.”
She explains that “Ramsey was arrested just a few days ago and the media have used unnamed police sources to suggest that Ramsey has assaulted” her.
Both Jessica and Ramsey Orta “contend that the NYPD and the media’s version of events are inaccurate and have been misrepresented precisely because it involves Ramsey Orta.”
She adds that “the character assassination and criminalization of Ramsey must not be allowed to continue.”
Jessica notes that during Ramsey’s last arrest, police tried to poison Ramsey’s food with rat poison – prompting a hunger strike that was the only way he avoided dying. Now she’s worried that the NYPD may try to kill him once again.

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