Friday, February 26, 2016

Flint Vs. Native water poisoning, Neocons occupying DC & Chelsea Manning

(01:06) MintPress News editor in chief and your host, Mnar Muhawesh, begins the show by exposing the water poisoning crisis that has been affecting Native American communities for decades that's far worse than Flint, Michigan's and how it's happening at the hands of the EPA, coal and fossil fuel industries. Natives. The mainstream media's silence on this issue while giving much coverage to Flint is only enabling this slow genocide of native communities. 

(06:38) Muhawesh continues the show with dissecting the illusion of the two party system and their addiction to war. From Bush to Obama, the US is ravaging the world leaving innocent lives murdered and millions as refugees in their own countries. Daniel McAdams from the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity joins Mnar to talk about beyond the two neocon presidents, who are the "Neocons" working behind the scenes to push both Democrats and Republicans to encourage more war while bankrupting America. 

(19:20) Lastly, Kevin Gosztola joins Mnar to discuss Chelsea Manning's case and why human rights organizations like Amnesty International don't consider her a political prisoner. Gosztola goes on to answer why the media is choosing ad hominems when addressing whistleblowers. 

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