Sunday, January 17, 2016

Robert Gannon, Republican Lawmaker From Wisconsin Suggests State Would Thrive If They Got Rid of The Blacks.

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“About a week ago, Republican legislator Bob Gannon issued a press release that blamed the state’s struggling economy on Milwaukee, saying that the City leads in ‘murders and mayhem.’  Gannon, from Slinger, went on to offend people of color across this great state by writing that the majority of these ‘murders and mayhem’ occurs in ‘mainly black neighborhoods.’

If I could address Mr. Gannon, I would ask him why he issued this release.  What would drive a state legislator to actively discourage developers, entrepreneurs, and professionals from building and creating their businesses and homes in our state’s largest city, Milwaukee?  I would go on to ask him, what was the impetus for him to offend African-American Wisconsinites?


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