Friday, January 29, 2016

Massive Sinkhole Closes Part Of Oregon Highway


WATCH: (Scroll Down For Video) A massive sinkhole has opened up on the opposite side of a road where another sinkhole appeared in December 2015 in Oregon.
The surface became unstable after winter storms battered the area, that’s then a section of a shopping center began to move away.
The first sinkhole was first noted in December in the parking lot of a diner.
This then triggered a 50ft landslide with collapsed the entire road.
This started at around noon after a storm unleashed 1.5 inches of rain.
Oregon Department of Transportation spokesman, Jared Castle, said the widening sinkhole is threatening to undermine all four lanes of the highway, according to the Curry Coastal Pilot.

‘The hole was only the size of a volleyball, but it was a seven-foot hole,’ Castle said. 
The sinkhole continues to widen as a series of storms continue to hit the area causing it to overflow several times.
In western Oregon landslides and heavy rain wreaked havoc in coastal areas of the state in December. 
Transportation officials set up a detour along U.S. Highway 101 on Thursday night and have warned drivers to reduce speeds along the detour.


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