Tuesday, October 6, 2015

WATCH: White Florida Cop Fired After Tasering Man Who Did Not Resist Arrest

Photo published for Video: Zephyrhills police fire officer for using Taser on man who did

A White Zephyrhills, Florida police officer has been fired after footage from his body-cam video showed him releasing a Taser on an unarmed Black man whose hands were up in surrender, according to the Tampa Bay Times.
The officer, identified as 36-year-old Tim Claussen, was fired last week following an internal investigation of the incident on Sept. 9, police chief David Shears told the news outlet.
Claussen arrived at the home of the victim, Lester Brown, that evening to investigate a theft that occurred earlier at a local retailer in the community, the report says.
“Come outside now,” Claussen said, “or you’re about to get tased. This is the last time.”
Brown, hands still up, didn’t move. Moments later the video camera at the tip of the Taser showed Claussen firing the electroshock weapon. Brown tried to run but collapsed.
“You just made it a lot worse on yourself, Mr. Brown,” the officer said.
While lying on his stomach on the floor, the officer asked Brown why he made it worse for himself, leading him to respond, “cause I’m in my house?”
The firing comes at a time of rising scrutiny of police conduct and how officers use force, namely against Black men and women. But Capt. Derek Brewer told the news site that there was no evidence the incident was “racially motivated.”

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