Tuesday, October 6, 2015

President Obama’s approval rating climbs to its highest point in years

President Obama has been a roll with his peace deals with Iran and Cuba, his Supreme Court victories on ObamaCare and gay marriage, an ever improving economy, and growing late-stage momentum for his overall agenda as he prepares to head into what will be his final year in office. And now it appears his ongoing win streak is meeting increasing approval from Americans. In fact the latest Gallup polls says that Obama’s approval rating is at its highest point in years.
The President’s approval rating was just above fifty percent at the time he was reelected in late 2012, but then gradually declined as it became clear that an obstructionist republican congress has no intention of allowing him to carry out any portion of his second-term agenda. By the middle of 2014 it had bottomed out at just forty percent according to Gallup, as even those who had voted to reelect him seemingly began to question whether he was going to accomplish anything further. Accordingly democrats in congress distanced himself from Obama in the 2014 mid-term elections, and were punished by voters accordingly. But since that time Obama has increasingly thrown caution to the wind, has begun governing by executive action in lieu of a non-functional congress, and has scored one victory after another even as some of his longest-term plans in places like Iran finally game together after years of doubt.
As a result President Obama’s approval rating has now rebounded to forty-eight percent, which puts it on even par with the forty-eight percent who disapprove. With another fifteen months left in office, it appears Obama is now on a late-stage trajectory similar to Bill Clinton, which saw his numbers continue to rise in his final year in office as mainstream Americans increasingly concluded that he had been doing a strong job all along. Will Obama climb as high as Clinton’s sixty-five percent at the time he left office? That remains to be seen. But for now Obama has all the momentum, with his approval rating at its highest point since June 2013 and likely to continue rising. Source: Gallup.

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