Thursday, October 8, 2015

NYPD accused of "execution, cover-up"in fatal shooting of black man

The family of a black man who was killed by US police says there’s new evidence that his murder was an execution and that the police department covered it up.

Lawyers of the family of Mohamed Bah say after 18 months of investigation, they now have enough evidence that his murder was not a case of self-defense. They also say they can prove that the New York police department actively lied to cover up for his murder. The 28-year-old African American was shot and killed inside his apartment by police officers in September 20-12. Autopsy showed Bah was hit seven times with one in the side of his head, which was fired from close range. His mother says she had called the police to ask for an ambulance because her son was acting erratically, but she was surprised to see police, not medical personnel, show up. The US has been witnessing massive protests against police brutality after a series of high-profile incidents of white officers killing unarmed African-Americans.

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