Friday, September 18, 2015

Remember The Tales of Our Ancestors :

My father fought in the Vietnam war, he passed away in '05 from complications traced back to agent orange, poison dropped on the natives by the U.S. Government... He told me the women expected Black Men to have tales, that they were force fed lies about how savage our men where to keep them away. If only we knew, the original Vietnamese people came from the same original lineage as we - God. Such a travesty what they did to the people and that land.

"...the Vietnamese constantly appealed to us black soldiers to get out of the war. They would leave leaflets laying all over the jungle. In perfectly good English, the leaflet would say, 'Blacks get out, it's not your fight,' or, 'They call us gooks here and they call you niggers over there. You're the same as us. Get out, it's not your fight.'

Those leaflets really affected our morale. It would make us wonder why we were there. Most of the people looked like me; they were native. We didn't know what the hell we were doing over there."

African American Vietnam Vet
Photo: Vietnam little boy

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