Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Vaccination Nightmare Becomes Reality !!

Derek and Breanna lost their son, 6 month old Liam Archer Osterhout, suddenly on Thursday evening 3/26/2015. Liam was deeply loved and brought immense joy and love into the lives of his parents and all that knew him. 

It was a typical evening on Thursday when Breanna nursed her son and laid him down to sleep. After a short period of time, she went in to check on him and he was chilly and blu
e. She rushed him to his Papa, Del, who is a First Responder, and he did all he could to try to revive Liam until the ambulance arrived. Unfortunately, Liam could not be revived. Derek and Breanna have donated Liam's heart values so other families hopefully will not feel the pain and suffering they are feeling. In a split second, their lives have been forever altered. 

Video of Liam  @ Doctors Office :

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