Friday, April 24, 2015

Op' Central : #BREAKING: Active Tactical Situation at Oregon Wal-mart, K-9 Officer Shot

SALEM, Oregon — The Salem Police Department is on scene at a shooting incident in the 1900 block of Turner Rd. SE. Shots have been exchanged, and a Salem Police canine has been injured. No Salem police officers have been injured.
The canine that was injured in today’s incident is Baco. Baco has been treated at an animal hospital and has been released to go home. Baco’s handler is Officer Trevor Morrison.
This is an active tactical situation. Furthermore, because the situation is evolving tactically, we ask that those in the vicinity refrain from posting information about the incident.
Police said officers responded to a suspicious vehicle in the parking lot and attempted to apprehend a person who had an outstanding warrant for their arrest.

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