Friday, March 27, 2015

Stop Police Murder Shut It All Down #ShutDownA14

April 14th we will shut America down. It has evolved into a situation that can no longer be ignored. America has ignored the people for far too long. "We the People" must unite and stand unified, letting it be known that enough is enough. We refuse to be treated as cattle or sheep because we are human. Black and Brown people make up 30% of the population, yet we are treated as if our dollar and opinion is insignifigant. It's about to change people.

April 14th: No working, no school and no shopping! We have more important things to do.

We need everyone on board. All races, ages and individuals out there marching, protesting and Shutting It Down!

There are 800,000 police in America and millions of us. Let's spread them thin.. They will need so many for the marches, so many for the protest, and so many to figure out where We are at, Shutting It Down.

We need everyone that has ever marched, protested, participated in civil disobedience or liked a Facebook comment to participate.


Nothing is off limits. Shut down everything! Malls, highways, train stations, airports.

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