Thursday, March 19, 2015

Jordan: say no to Israel's natural gas

Israeli forces take Palestinian land, bulldoze people out of their homes, and detains innocent civilians. Despite this, Jordan -- home to millions of Palestinians -- is about to sign a multi-billion dollar natural-gas deal with Israel. It’s absurd they’re even considering this, but an outcry across the region can stop it. 

If this deal is signed, Israel will supply Jordan with natural-gas for 15 years. This has caused massive outrage in Jordan -- thousands of people have raised an outcry, and dozens of ministers have urged the government to reconsider. The Jordanian government is feeling the pressure and deciding their next steps. Let’s join our Jordanian friends and pile on more pressure so the government sees this isn’t just a national issue anymore -- it’s become a regional one. 

Sign the petition urging the Jordanian government to ditch the Israeli natural-gas deal. Civil society groups are organizing a massive demonstration in Amman on Friday, and Avaaz will be there to represent each of our voices.


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