Saturday, February 28, 2015

When The Mystery Is No More.....Babylon Is Fallen !!!


"Slavery is a crime! Then America is a criminal. Kidnapping is a crime! Then America is a criminal. Robbery is a crime! Then America is a criminal to bring us from our native land and people, and rob us of a connection to our native land and people. You have Irish here; they have a connection! You have Italians here, you have Greeks—everybody has a connection. Ours was cut off. That’s a crime.
Black man and woman: You don’t wear the names of your parents. We wear the names of our former slave masters and their children. That’s a crime. Other people can speak words of their native language or mother tongue, but for us, mother gone, father gone; motherless child sees a hard time. That’s a crime. Selling another human being like a piece of property; then, if we disobeyed master, to be beaten, to be burned at the stake, to be castrated. All of these horrible things have happened to us as a people."--The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan 2/22/2015

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