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Radiation experiments left black children with holes in their heads

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here are many untold stories about the atrocities of Jim Crow and it’s effects on the black community.  One of those stories is this one.  A filmmaker decided to venture into the past of his friend, whom he says one day began “sobbing uncontrollably.”  The clip appears to be a trailer for a film called “Hole in the Head: A Life Revealed.”
Vertus Hardiman is the subject of this particular film, but there were many more.
You’ve got to see this video and share the story with those who are unaware of their history.  African Americans have gone through a kind of strain in America that many say is readily deserving of reparations.  One artifact of racism is that these horrors are barely acknowledged by either the American government or the American public.
Wilbert Smith PhD is the one seeking to tell the story.  We aren’t sure if the film has ever been made available, but the trailer alone is enough to make you take a moment of pause.
Greg Reese at Antelope Valley News tells more about this horrible story and there’s a video below:
One cannot help but be repulsed by the cruelty of such procedures, especially their application to young children, but this was not an isolated case. Similar research occurred in 1951 on a much larger scale has been uncovered in the then-fledgling state of Israel. Like the Lyles Station incident, where all the affected children were Black, racial overtones abounded since fair-skinned Ashkenazi Jews of European origin administered radiation to upwards of 100,000 Sephardic Jewish children who were refugees from Morocco.
The Ashkenazis served as proxies for Robert Oppenheimer, his Manhattan Project, and the U.S. government, who underwrote the program because they were eager to utilize a convenient pool of guinea pigs for further testing in the wake of their successful atomic bombings at the close of World War II. Sephardic Jews differ visually from their Ashkenazi brethren by virtue of their darker, olive skin tone.
Still more episodes of radiation bombardment were conducted throughout the 1960s at what is now the University of Cincinnati on some 90 working-class citizens, of which two-thirds were Black. During the Clinton Administration these and other Cold War experiment programs were reviewed to determine restitution suitability and the need for formal apologies.

Link : http://themedicalblog.net/2014/09/21/radiation-experiments-left-black-children-with-holes-in-their-heads/

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