Friday, November 14, 2014

PSA for Descendants Of Slaves In America......

Dear Black Folk In America,

You are a Reactionary People. Policies are put in place,Plans are made and when the result of those efforts are made known that ill effect your community you then react when it's too late!!! When the Grand Jury Comes Back With No Charge For Darren Wilson in Ferguson, do exactly what you did for the midterm election STAY HOME & DON'T PARTICIPATE IN BLACK FRIDAY SHOPPING  OR THE X-Mas Holiday. Save Your Money Organize In Your Communities & use that money on programs for your children!!! X-Mas Made $700,000,000,000 last year. Black Ppl In America You Made Collectively $1.4 Trillion out of the US Economy That's more then Spain & Canada !!! The Bible says of You " And They Stood Up and Exceedingly Large Army " Plan , Plot , Strategize and Bomb First!!! (Tupac Voice)

GTY 458913288 A CLJ HUM USA MO

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