Saturday, May 10, 2014

The Blood Shedder

Holy Quran' 2:30 
Behold, thy Lord said to the angels: " I will create A Vicegerent on Earth. " They said : " Wilt Thou place therein one who will make Mischief therein and shed Blood? 

Denmark is a big shame.The sea is stained in red and in the meanwhile it's not because of the climate effects of nature
Denmark is our shame, the ocean is bloody red, but this is not caused by natural climate

It's because of the cruelty that the human beings (civilised human) kill hundreds of the famous and intelligent Calderon dolphins.  
because of cruel human (civilized society people) brutally murdered hundreds of head known to man and have a high IQ Card Delong Dolphins

This happens every year in Feroe Iland in Denmark. 
kind of thing happens every year in the Danish island of Philo

In this slaughter the main participants are young teens.
* The major players in this great shedding of blood are the young.

A celebration, to show that they are adults and mature!  
because it is a celebration, a show that they've grown mitzvah

In this big celebration, nothing is missing for the fun.  
this massive celebration was held flawlessly

Everyone is participating in one way or the other  
so that everyone has their own way to celebrate

killing or looking at the cruelty "supporting like a spectator
Personally involved in the murder, or with great enthusiasm for the killing and cruelty of life as a spectator with a

They don't die instantly 
they are not going to die soon

they are cut 1, 2 or 3 times with thick hooks 
them repeatedly scratched by rough skin fishing hook 

And at that time the dolphins produce a grim cry like that of a new born child
Whenever this time, we could hear them as innocent as newborn babies and are unable wails?

But he suffers and there's no compassion  
, but they can only suffer in silence, without a trace of excess mercy

while this magnificent creature slowly dies in its own blood 
when these magical creatures slowly lose life surrounded by his own blood in

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