Thursday, April 24, 2014

Huge study links aspartame to major problems, sales drop

Huge study links aspartame to major problems, sales drop

As concerns about health epidemics plague the nation, demand and sales of diet soda have plunged as consumers try to make better choices. As we reported yesterday, aspartame - the main sweetener for diet soda - is one of the most dangerous ingredients used in our food supply, causing seizures and a host of other health issues. 

In a new study done over ten years and sampling 60,000 women, it was shown that women who drink two or more diet drinks a day have much higher cardiovascular disease rates and are more likely to die from the disease. 

In the largest study done of it's kind, The University of Iowa concluded: "...[C]ompared to women who never or only rarely consume diet drinks, those who consume two or more a day are 30 percent more likely to have a cardiovascular event [heart attack or stroke] and 50 percent more likely to die from related disease. 

'This is one of the largest studies on this topic, and our findings are consistent with some previous data, especially those linking diet drinks to the metabolic syndrome,' says Dr. Ankur Vyas... the lead investigator of the study. 

...The association persisted even after researchers adjusted the data to account for demographic characteristics and other cardiovascular risk factors, including body mass index, smoking, hormone therapy use, physical activity, energy intake, salt intake, diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, and sugar-sweetened beverage intake. 

On average, women who consumed two or more diet drinks a day were younger, more likely to be smokers, and had a higher prevalence of diabetes, high blood pressure, and higher body mass index." Thankfully this study comes on the heels of reports of already slipping sales of diet soda, one of the largest aspartame markets. 

According to Time Magazine: "One reason for the decline could be a growing awareness of the obesity epidemic in the US and growing health concerns surrounding sugar-sweetened beverages. According to Reuters, industry experts say the beverage industry is shrinking under the scrutiny. Even diet-branded drinks have suffered a loss of sales with concerns over artificial sweeteners." Whatever the reason for the decline, this new study should only add fuel to the movement away from artificial sweeteners. There are plenty of natural sweeteners that people can choose that are much healthier than aspartame. Click here for a practical guide to natural sweeteners.

Americans Drink Less Soda Products Diane Sawyer reports the stories that have people buzzing this week Aspartame Is the sweet taste worth the harm foodmatterstvwebappAsp Department of Health a.

Diane Sawyer reports the stories that have people buzzing this week Aspartame Is the sweet taste worth the harm foodmatterstvwebappAsp Department of Health a.

Aspartame: Is the sweet taste worth the harm? Department of Health & Human Se.

A chemical found in many sodas may be dangerous to your health, Consumer Reports says. And no, it's not sugar (this time). The golden-brown color of many sof.

Research into Diet Soda demonstrates that the ingredients used may lead to serious health conditions, including obesity, heart disease and diabetes. 

Cold and sweet, nearly half of Americans drink soda daily, an average of two-and-a-half glasses a day. Much of it contains caramel color - two types of which.

Americans keep turning away from soda It seems that not even Beyonce or new, lower-calorie options can convince Americans to drink more soda. Coca-Cola Co., .

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Coca-Cola says its fourth-quarter profit fell as the world's biggest beverage maker sold less soda in North America. The maker of Sprite, Dasani and Vitaminw.

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More sugar intake means shorter lifespan and less productivity according to a new breakthrough study on sugar's effect on the body. Many Americans are obese .

Diabetes is now the top killer in Mexico and many health experts blame the nation's soft drink habit. Calls to tax and regulate sweetened beverages are being.

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Drinking diet soda increases your chance of being obese. It increases your chance of having kidney disease. It also contributes to being diagnosed with metab.

Half of Americans drink a soda every day. But when people grab the can, not many clean off the lid before taking a sip.So we decided to put soda cans to the .

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