Friday, September 6, 2013

Video: Syrian Woman Blasts McCain For Supporting Al Qaeda

An emotional Syrian woman confronted Sen. John McCain during a Phoenix town hall Thursday, demanding to know why the Senator was supporting the Al Qaeda filled rebels who had killed her Syrian cousin 10 days prior.

“A good option right now is to take Saudi Arabia and Iran and force them to stop supporting the two sides in Syria and you could do it,” said the woman.
“How?” McCain replied.
“By diplomacy and negotiation…,” the woman added as McCain began to chuckle. “…Not bombs Sen. McCain! We can not afford to shed more Syrian blood! Personally speaking I have a cousin who is 18-years-old… just was killed 10 days ago by the so called rebels and Al Qaeda!”
The woman went on to expose the much ignored fact that the vast majority of the “Syrian rebels” are not even Syrian, but are foreign jihadists being sent in and supported by countries such as the United StatesSaudi ArabiaTurkey and Qatar.
“They’re not Syrian! They’re coming to Syria from all over the world to fight this! We cannot afford to do that! We cannot afford to turn Syria into another Iraq or Afghanistan! I beg you!” the woman shouted.
The woman went on to point out the fact that the vast majority of the American public, now over 91 percent, oppose military strikes against the country. Congress members have also reported a massive bombardment of emails and phone calls asking them to oppose a strike on Syria by a margin of 499 to 1.
The woman also went on to explain how the secular Assad government has allowed her minority christian family to live within the country in relative peace, before demanding that McCain stop using them as “collateral damage.”

McCain answered by telling the woman that he also has been to Syria, referring to his recent visit with the supposed Syrian rebels.
“All I can tell you is that I too have been to Syria. I too know the people who are fighting there. I met them. I know them and I know who they are,” said McCain.
Coincidentally, McCain failed to mention that the men he met with are known kidnappers belonging to an Al Qaeda linked militant group.
McCain and the few others who support the Al Qaeda rebels have continued to ignore massive atrocities while simultaneously referring to the rebels as “moderate.”
Despite some Al Qaeda rebels even admitting to killing US troops in Iraq, Republicans like McCain and Lindsey Graham have continued to beat the war drum with President Obama.
Other atrocities carried out by the rebels include cannibalismfeeding Christian’s body parts to animals, beheadings and forcing children to behead others. Even with rebels openly saying that they plan to take on the US after Syria, the United States government have continued its support unabated.

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