Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Obama is the smartest guy in the room???

Barack Obama is the smartest person on the room and people hate it
Because the world is so much bigger than the release of 2Chainz new album we want to make sure everyone is up to speed on the ongoing crisis in Syria. Last week Barack Obama began his attempt to rally people to the cause of limited strikes on the government of Syria for their alleged use of chemical weapons on their own people. This was the position of the GOP establishment (John McCain, Lindsey Graham, etc.), Bill Clinton as well as various pro-Israel groups.
Very soon after POTUS made his intentions clear both the Far Right (Tea Party, Rand Paul, etc.) and the Far Left began to oppose it. The Left cited humanitarian grounds (don’t kill people to punish someone for killing people). The Right weighed in on the side of isolationism (this is not our fight). Both sides and a few in the middle questioned the intelligence having been burned by George W. Bush and his faulty information that lead to the Iraq/Afghanistan War.
The latest development is that on the seemingly unintended suggestion by Secretary of State John Kerry the Russians have brokered a deal to avoid these strikes and along with it the expected civilian causalities. The Syrians will turn over their cache of chemical weapons, which they still maintain they never used, to UN inspectors for examination and dismantling. Thus avoiding the strikes that last week everyone went from endorsing to hating. Accidental diplomacy saves the day.
Now people are calling the president weak and using bizarre phrases like “Putin took Obama’s chestnuts out of the fire.” On the BBC this morning I heard an interview with a member of the Virginia GOP who said she was ‘ashamed’ that Putin had to come in and save the day as our Superman. If there ever was a living, breathing example of ‘damned if you do, damned if you don’t’ this must be it. Members of both parties sign the Syrian Aggression act then refuse to enforce it. The President stumbles upon a diplomatic solution after scaring Assad and you don’t like that either.
The reality is the President is the smartest person in the room and everyone hates it. He won’t be forced to go to war because he has learned the less on the Bush II presidency. If he does got to war he wants the members of the body duly sworn to authorize said act (The House & The Senate) to have some skin in the game. When they balk and the American people tell him they don’t want to be dragged into another war, he finds another solution. That is not weakness. That is intelligence and leadership. Sun Tzu must be smiling down upon Pennsylvania Ave.
This makes me admire The President even more. The thickness of his skin to endure these juvenile attacks is an example we can all follow. The image of America need not be the wild cowboy riding in to shoot the bad guy in the center of town. I am totally fine with the image of America as the intellectual, cooler head who will throw blows but would rather sort things out.

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