Monday, August 12, 2013

White sheriff believes it was appropriate for cops to shoot 15 times at unarmed black man


Sheriff David Morgan of Flordia’s Escambia County believes that cops should be allowed to get away with shooting 15 times at an unarmed black man. During an interview with CNN, Sheriff Morgan failed to apply common sense by ignoring the obvious in order to protect his employees.
Morgan said, “Right now, we’re comfortable from a training perspective that our officers, in fact, did follow standard protocol.” The officers responded to a 911 call that suggested a black man was breaking into a car. However, when police arrived at Roy Middleton’s home, they saw the 60-year-old man and began firing without asking questions.
Middelton, who was retrieving a cigarette from his mother’s car, was shot once in the leg and his mother’s car was riddled with bullets. The officers are on paid leave while the case is being investigated by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement and state attorney.

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