Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Government Wants to Ban Certain Tattoos and Piercings, Bill Passes in Senate

August 20, 2013

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Every day the government is making new attempts to take control of various areas of our lives, from our financial lives to our personal choices.  In one recent case, the US Senate just passed a bill that would ban certain types of body art and piercings.
The Senate passed a bill on Tuesday that would ban non-traditional body art and skin implants.  The bill’s sponsor, Senator Missy Irvin of Mountain View, wants to limit body art procedures, particularly scarification and dermal implants.  By a 26-4 vote, the Senate moved to outlaw scarification, a procedure involving the scarring of the skin using heat to form a tattoo without ink, and implants that place ornaments under the skin.  The bill now goes to the House.
It is very alarming that something like this is even being considered and taken seriously, and even more alarming that it passed by a landslide vote.  Regardless of health recommendations and popular opinion, an individual has the right to do whatever they wish with their body so long as they aren’t hurting anyone else. 
Propaganda would lead many to believe that the American government, or any government encourages free speech and freedom of expression.  However, if individuals aren’t allowed to live free and pursue their own path in happiness than this is obviously not the case.
Since this news was released the bill has been stalled for some reason, but is still active and still awaiting another unscheduled vote.  Even if this bill were to be killed, there is still a heavy push to regulate this industry, which is already over regulated as it is.
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