Thursday, August 15, 2013

A Newer, Deadlier Bird Flu is Out — and We Made It

Yet again, another “pandemic” level strain of the flu virus is about to hit just in time for flu season. And, unsurprisingly, the flu vaccine manufacturers are going to have difficulty meeting demand — right. All of this is old hat, the same game big pharmaceutical companies play every year. However, this year’s strain does have something different about it: we developed it.

Reckless Experimentation and Unexpected Mutations

In 2009, when the H1N1 pandemic hit the globe, scientists began conducting experiments
Why they thought experimenting in this way was ethical is a mystery. Their goal was to create a combination of H1N1 and H5N1 to create a “super flu” — a virus that is both easily transmissible from one human to the next and very lethal.
What they created was H7N9, a very deadly strain but one that is (thankfully) not easily spread between humans. That doesn’t mean no one has been hurt through this experimentation — since March, 133 people have been infected in Asia, and 43 of those infected have died. Even though these cases are tapering off with the warmer weather, it’s expected (predictably) that the virus will re-emerge this fall.
Even though this new virus has so much potential for danger, scientists are still continuing their reckless experiments.

Strongest Viral Strain Ever — And Nearly Ready for Easy Human Transmission

This new H7N9 — another piece of evidence in the case against genetic tampering — has the potential of being the strongest, deadliest strain of the flu virus ever created. If it mutates to become much more transmissible to humans (and the evidence indicates it might), it could cause the deaths of thousands.
“I can tell you this thing is real and definitely has the markings of being a killer,” says Jason Tetro. Tetro, coordinator of the Emerging Pathogens Research Centre in Ottawa, has examined multiple genetic sequences of the H7N9 cases in China. According to Tetro, the genetic makeup of the H7N9 strain is very similar to the one researches suspect will be the next global flu pandemic.
Worse still, H7N9 is completely unnecessary. It was originally manufactured in a research laboratory, and despite the dangers of it mutating and becoming more deadly, scientists continue to tinker with its genetic makeup. Right now, the virus is primarily transmitted through poultry, but it could mutate and become transmissible to humans soon.

Inoculations Ineffective

So far, inoculations against this flu strain have proven ineffective. Even with a dose 12 times stronger than the normal flu vaccine, healthy adults are still able to contract H7N9.
That’s for healthy adults. Imagine the effects on the population with those who are older or children whose immune systems may not be as strong. If a strong dose of vaccine can’t protect someone healthy, those who are less healthy are wasting their time even more.
However, don’t think that’s going to make those who provide flu vaccines any more responsible about being forthright regarding the effectiveness of their products. Even though the H7N9 strain hasn’t yet mutated and become transmissible to humans, the media is still being fed information about how “potentially” deadly this could be.
The goal is to work the public into a panic. By creating a super virus and then having the media report the potential pandemic that could happen this season, the public is going to frantically pay whatever it takes to get their annual inoculations — even though these inoculations are ineffective.

Why Would They Create a New, Deadlier Flu?

There are several reasons why a new flu virus benefits the flu pandemic propagandists.
  • More Money — The most obvious reason why the manufacturers of this new strain want it out in the public: they get more money. A new virus means greater levels of fear and panic in the public. Those people who normally don’t get flu shots are scared into clinics and doctor’s offices to pay for their expensive (and unnecessary) vaccine.
  • Control of the population — If there’s another “pandemic” that stirs up fear in the general population, more eyes will be glued to television screens, hoping for news updates about possible cures for this new strain. Greater trust in the media means it’s easier to feed the public what flu vaccine manufacturers want them to believe. Ultimately, this makes it easier year after year to get the flu pandemic fear machine running again.
  • Continue the flu season lie — By keeping flu season right on schedule (thanks to mutated new strains of flu and convenient outbreaks around the designated flu outbreak periods), the general public remains accustomed to getting their annual shot. Most people will wait in line for hours for their needle, and many will still get sick anyway. All of them will pay.

How to Protect Yourself

Once again, the H7N9 is not yet able to easily transmit from one human to another. However, it could potentially mutate and become incredibly deadly. Here”s how to protect yourself without lining the pockets of the vaccine makers who unleashed this virus on us.
This new strain hasn’t quite hit pandemic levels yet, but you can be sure you’ll hear a lot about its danger in order to scare you into your annual inoculation. Don’t waste your time or money with ineffective, potentially harmful vaccines for viruses like this.

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