Friday, June 14, 2013

New York City Students Criminalized for Arriving Late to School

Did you know that New York City students are being criminalized for being late to school? This process takes place when the NYPD sets up checkpoints at subway exits that are in close proximity to public schools. They stop the students and ask them a series of personal questions and record that information. This video took place in Harlem, NY at the 135th street station.

Here are a few questions we had and posed in the video. Let us know what your thoughts and feelings are on this NYPD practice. Share your thoughts in the comments or #schooltoprisonpipeline 

Why are cops stopping students on their way to school when in all public schools there is an officer at the front desk?

This stop took about 10 minutes. Doesn't this practice make students later for school?

Could these stops deter students from attending on days that they are running late?

What is being done with the information collected by the NYPD? 

How do parents feel about their children being stopped and questioned without their consent?

Are these students commuting by train because there isn't a good school in their neighborhood?

One of the most disturbing parts of this video is that the students appear unfazed. 
These police abuses have become Normalized. But this is not normal!

If young suburban students were stopped by police on their way to school you would likely see fear and tears in their eyes. Followed up by outrage from parents and the school board.

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