Friday, May 3, 2013

In A Gun Free Zone In Chicago: 2.5 Times More Americans Killed Than Afghanistan Since 2001

In the city where 96% of firearm murders are committed with handguns that have been banned for decades, an astonishing 2.5 times more US citizens have been killed in Chicago than in the Afghanistan war zone since 2001. 

A new report by Chicago’s WBEZ reveals that a disturbing 5,000 individuals have died from gun crime in the ‘gun free zone’ of Chicago, while a lower number (2,000) of troops have died overseas in Afghanistan since 2001. Much of this crime, of course, is gang-related. A fact that underscores the reality that criminals do not follow the latest legislation on gun control, and will always acquire weapons of some kind in order to harm others. Surely much of the combat goes on between rival gangs, but the gangs also have a distinct advantage over law-abiding citizens.
And perhaps that’s why they continue to reside in Chicago, the gun free zone where only criminals are carrying a handgun.
It’s basic reasoning, and I think that most people really do get this. A recent Gallup poll supports this belief as well, revealing that only around 4% believe that gun control is a top priority for the nation. But even data from the Chicago Police force backs this up, with police data showing that a whopping 96% of firearm deaths were from handguns. Handguns that have been banned for decades. You can see this represented in the graphic below:

You can also find that crime increased by 40% following the handgun ban, which coincides with the previous findings as reported by police. Are there other factors that contribute to this? Absolutely, but law-abiding citizens are the ones who actually stop carrying the guns in the face of such a ruling — not the criminals. Not only does this open individuals up for muggings, gang initiation killings, and much more, but it also brings in all of the ‘bad guys’ looking for a safe haven. After all, they couldn’t get away with such things in a state or city where their ‘prey’ are able to fight back.

We actually know that criminals are really quite cowardly, and many absolutely will not commit a crime if they believe the victim has a firearm. Studies have shown this many times, but it’s also just common sense. When criminals are afraid that their mugging targets may pull out a concealed weapon and shoot them, they become much less inclined to setup ‘home base’ and pick on the weak. This is why we see ‘gun free zones’ become such hot spots for criminals, who can use something even as minor as a knife and still pose a threat to the unarmed public.
The police force simply cannot stop all the crime in the city of Chicago, and if they really tried to the extent necessary it would turn into a textbook case of Orwellian martial law. Instead of continuing to pick on law-abiding citizens while gang members laugh in the face of ‘gun free zone’ legislation, perhaps it’s time to allow the public to defend themselves. It would not only help to drive parasitic criminals out of the city who have made a home for themselves through picking on the weak and unarmed, but also help to stop gang members from having absolute confidence that their innocent targets can’t fight back.
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