Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Russian city being 'eaten alive by SinkHoles

They may look like stills from an apocalyptic horror film, but these images have become a daily reality for residents in a Russian city. 
Citizens of Samara, in south east Russia, live in fear of the ground literally disappearing beneath them after huge sinkholes have started to appear all over their city, leaving devastation in their wake. 
The yawning underground caverns are all believed to have sprung up in recent weeks swallowing cars, buses and claiming at least one life.

The sinkholes, some large enough to swallow an entire truck, are believed to have opened up as the Russian winter subsidesThere has reportedly been at least one fatality as a result of the sinkholes in the city, Russia's sixth largest There has reportedly been at least one fatality as a result of the sinkholes in the city, Russia's sixth largest There has reportedly been at least one fatality as a result of the sinkholes in the city, Russia's sixth largest The massive craters seem to have appeared at random in recent weeksThese pictures are all believed to have been taken in recent weeks. Some reports have suggested the holes have been caused by ground water or soil decaySinkholes are common hazards in mining regions, plaguing areas where miners have burrowed into layers of soluble minerals and accidental floods have followedThe problem is thought to be causing carnage across the city. Now residents have organised a petition to urge authorities to find a solution The collapse of the surface above a sinkhole can happen suddenly or over a few hours. Heavy rainfall or poor drainage systems can trigger a collapse

PORTUGAL Excess water in the soil may be the cause of geological phenomenon occurred in Marvão in Alto Alentejo, which resulted in the opening of a crater about 100 meters deep and 17 meters in diameter. The geologist Victor Lambert explained this Tuesday that this is “a typical phenomenon” of areas where there is limestone and soil conditions exist, though in Portugal nothing has appeared of this size.” The geologist, who develops work for research institutions and ornamental rocks, reported in the local area that has Marvão caves and type of existing rock (limestone) tends to ‘dissolve,’ forming caves. “Here in Marvão, we had lots of rain a year. The water in these structures infiltrates, circulating inside, and in lime, circulates at high speeds, ie, the impact may cause is greater,” explained. However, the geologist pointed out that the crater in Marvão is interesting, because of the size and depth and’ three small holes,” but was keen to stress that this case is not an incident of aliens. The massive hole opened up on private property near the village of Porto da Espada, where another smaller crater has also formed. Authorities have erected barricaded around the massive crater for safety concerns. Speaking to Lusa, Mario Gallego, the tenant of the property where the phenomenon occurred, said he was “surprised” by the situation and considered it “scary.” The Mayor of Marvão, Victor Frutuoso, told Lusa that the council wants to know the ‘impacts’ that the incident will have on the environment. “We have to know the impact this might have in terms of stability with respect to property that is accessed by people. Therefore, we have to control a number of situations in terms of security and realize what the consequences are for transportation concerns,” he said. With a security perimeter created and with elements of the GNR in place, the area has been subject to visits by locals who are curious to see the geological phenomenon firsthand.

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