Thursday, April 25, 2013

See Something! Say Something! - Full Pop Goes The Weasel's

Music: Taylor Swift - I Knew You Were Trouble (Karaoke Mix)

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Please! Excuse Mistakes. I Did This In A REAL Hurry!

I have been up for three days now trying to get this to work. Please Understand the statement We are Legion has no NO Reference to Anon or Lucifer. I hope you know it is a message to the NWO that nations are waking up and working together as one not so much a Legion. Just the message will not be stopped and for each one they bring down like LBA there will be another to replace him and pick him up to fight again.
"My Mistake to Make That Statement" 

IdahoPicker aka LogicBeforeAuthority was on the money with his research. Rock Solid he just got cut off at the pass by TPTB (the powers that be) I could not back him fast enough because I don't speak within my videos. This is his and a lot of other peoples work combined from around the world. This is just a small part, the meat of it. Sandy Hook and Boston and Toronto were all run by the same organization. CST. 

Understand this their promo video is more than that it is a portfolio of work they have been successful at creating. If they worked on all those projects and this was the best they could do then fire their asses. They do not secure a darn thing. They destroy in order to rule. Out to the highest bidder. 
Our police are not all taken by these guys but darn close in all countries. Columbia, Mexico, Canada, UK, All around the world they rape pillage and plunder nations for the NWO. This is a big part of who "They" are. So watch for the Black and Tan Gang in your area. They ran the military entering homes without warrants and will be knocking on all our doors soon. The Laws are being changed to allow them in to take whatever they want.

God Help Us All however Learn and Know Your Enemy!!!

Censorship is harsh thus the titles

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